Why It’s Important to Utilize Corporate Behavioral Profiling

Are you sure you want to hire that person? Even the best employers can make bad decisions. We have decades of experience in corporate behavioral profiling and employee selection interviewing. Our experts know the right questions to ask, the best assessments to use, and the correct way to interpret the results. Turn to The Burling Group when it’s time to hire someone for your company.

Execution is the Key

The costs of peoples' inability to execute are far higher than the costs of strategy and goals development. Too often organizations revert back to business as usual in order to conform to employee personalities, habits, skills, and resistance to any change.

The Burling Group works with clients to select people who can execute, develop efficient recruiting
and development systems, and provide appropriate structural and motivating needs.

We use your people as the baselines for something as opposed to theoretical models
that sound good, but do not address your organization's realities.

The Burling Group is a consulting and training firm specializing in:

  • Personality and Job Behaviors Assessments
  • Job Analysis and Descriptions
  • Employee Development
  • Organization Development

Every organization is a complex living organism - planning, reacting, adapting, evolving, growing, and shrinking in response to external demands and internal capabilities.

Measuring capital and technological assets provide "hard" measures for planning. The ability to execute, however, depends on what were once "soft" and unreliable measures - human capabilities.

The Burling Group, Ltd. helps organizations objectively measure and evaluate internal capabilities - the capabilities of people to execute and work synergistically.

We use the results of the profiles for:

  • Executives
  • Sales & Marketing Executives
  • Supervisors
  • Teambuilding
  • HR and OD Managers

Understand own and others' work related personality traits and behaviors, the organizational cultures, and idiosyncrasies.

Diagnose temperaments and behaviors related to individual/group performance and productivity, synergy, friction, dysfunction, team cooperation.
Determine how people work, plan, accept/reject, and react to change.
Manage/Lead, evaluate, develop, and reward performance-relevant behaviors
Develop/Design strategic Human Capital models to sustain, change, and grow the organization.


Ronald Deitch, CPC

Behavioral Profiling with the KEE (Key Employee Evaluation)

For most managers and business owners, it’s not easy to hire a new employee or even promote from within. People who may have seemed right in the interviewing process do not perform up to standards since they joined the organization. Or, a great performer as a manager may not be successful at the director level or above. What did you miss?

We have a proactive solution. The Burling Group is pleased to announce the addition of KEE (Key Employee Evaluation) to our menu of client services. Our 30 years of experience in selection and search has led to the development of a unique skill set for the evaluation and selection of talent. Through our KEE interview and behavioral profiling tools, we identify patterns that help you make the right choices for key hires, internal promotions, and/or human asset evaluations for mergers and acquisitions. KEE is an in-depth interviewing and profiling process that identifies previous patterns of behavior in order to predict future behavior. It gives you information you otherwise may have overlooked.

The Behavior Profiling Tools You Need to Succeed

The ability to provide an excellent product or service does not always translate to the ability in evaluating talent. If you do not have a human resources department that evaluates and hires at the executive level, you need to consider our KEE program. In a recent survey, most decision makers spent less than 45 minutes interviewing and selecting key employees. Most of that time was spent with the decision maker doing the majority of the talking. It is no wonder that the selection of successful employees is often hit or miss.

The Key Employee Evaluation makes a substantial difference in the future of your organization. Our behavioral profiling service is provided on an hourly or project basis. We administer the assessment at your offices, or for purposes of confidentiality and privacy, at our offices in Chicago. Our results can be formatted into a report or shared with you verbally.

Contact us to schedule corporate behavioral profiling for your applicants. We proudly serve businesses throughout North America, Asia, Europe, and the Middle East.