About Us

What’s in a name? Our choice of The Burling Group as a corporate moniker dates back to the very foundation of Chicago and the Midwest. Shortly after the Great Chicago Fire of 1871, Edward Burling, an associate with the architectural and design firm of Adler and Sullivan, began designing homes for the “new” Chicago.

Equipped with a strong vision, and using the best materials to withstand the elements of weather and time, Burling began building throughout the near south, west, and north sides of the city. Many of his projects are still standing today: A testament to his quality design and workmanship. To recognize his legacy, The National Register of Historic Places has assigned landmark status to the majority of Burling’s edifices.

Like the man whose name we bear, The Burling Group is committed to making a contribution in the areas of placement, succession planning, and candidate profiling. Relying on a strong foundation of experience, honing our skills from the best sources in the industry, and dedicating ourselves to quality and service, our goal is to build successful relationships with our clients. Relationships that we hope, like Mr. Burling’s works, will stand the test of time.

Burling. A name built on experience, quality, and a commitment to be the best.

About The Burling Group and Our Founder, Ronald Deitch
In 1988, after leading, directing, and motivating a well-known and highly regarded professional placement service, Ronald Deitch formed The Burling Group.

The incumbent began his career placing managers for well-known Chicago-based corporations. These clients required graduates of top schools with strong leadership profiles. Most of these individuals were MBAs coupled with a marked entrepreneurial flair.

What has transpired since that time is a maturation of both the candidate and the consultant? Today, the entry-level candidates of the 1980s are directors, vice presidents, and CEOs. Many of the candidates are now clients continuing a 30-year history of service and repeat business.

This extensive time in search has produced an in-depth capability and a unique skill in evaluation and assessment of skill, ambition, and personality. The value of this expertise is to further assure the best match for your search requirements. This philosophy is of special value to firms that do not assess executives on an ongoing basis. Our entire approach is geared to assisting you with a process and decisions you do not often make. We make this an enjoyable and productive activity.

The size of The Burling Group is intentionally small to assure the intimacy of service required. Mr. Deitch personally oversees all of the consultative activity. If you demand a successful result, then make certain the right things are done at the inception. Ron Deitch will provide the guidance to a noteworthy conclusion.

Contact us if you need an executive assessment for your company and potential employees. We proudly serve businesses throughout North America, Asia, Europe, and the Middle East.