Important Considerations for Candidate Selection

Make everything easier on yourself by relying on The Burling Group for candidate selection. We specialize in behavioral profiling services to locate good applicants who will become highly successful employees. The following represents the accumulation of more than 30 years of observation coupled with successful long-tenure placements at the professional and executive level.

Common Elements of High-Performance Employees

A High Level of Personal Security
Has earned respect through hard work and sacrifice (evident in his or her character, work history, and references)

Measured Accomplishments
Able to speak in terms of quantifiable results in most aspects of background
Tends to choose positions that allow for measurable accomplishments
Strives for quantifiable, not qualitative results
Can easily recall rankings, test scores, and performance issues of past and present academic and work environments

A Specialist, Not a Generalist

Has taken positions and assignments that are specialized
Keeps up to date on the knowledge base through outside reading, coursework, seminars, and continuing educational units

Knows a wide variety of resources to get things done
Takes ownership of goals
Views self as accountable
Handles pressure and uncertainty well
Sees that the constraint on progress is based on personal talent and effort

Knows the Value of the Contribution of Others
Views people as great sources of ideas
Insightful about people
Sees the value of others when times are tough

Focuses on Solutions, Not Excuses
Insightful on the business and industry
Has demonstrated vision in problem-solving
Understands that setbacks are accepted without blame or cynicism
Consequences of actions are quickly accepted

Focuses on Accomplishment, Not Image
Knows personal strengths and weaknesses
Symbols and trappings are of little importance
Little need to deny or cover up

Strength of Convictions
Tough-minded yet not stubborn (knows when to back down)
Shows no evidence of playing up to superiors
No whims or quirks

Persistent and Tenacious in Reaching Goals
Knows where he or she is headed
Does not lose sight of the goal
Makes things happen
Pushes self towards outcomes
Able to shift gears as required

Respectful of Commitments and Personal Trust
Credibility is very important
Leads by personal example
Is an honorable person
Follows through on obligations

Critical Candidate Behaviors

Intelligence: Conceptual ability, breadth of knowledge, excellent verbal expression, depth of response with an analytical thought process

Decisiveness: Non-ambivalent, willingness to commit self to project, makes definite choices, lets you know where he or she stands on issues, not tentative

Energy/Enthusiasm: Values quantity as opposed to quality, animated, positive, spontaneous, and fast-paced throughout

Results Oriented: Responses revolve around task accomplishment, gets to point, emphasizes achievement, and provides information relevant to interview objectives

Maturity: Acceptance of responsibility for one’s action, good poise, self-confident, dresses well, positive demeanor, relaxed, ability to reflect on experience

Assertiveness: Responds in a confident manner and takes charge of the interview, speaks in a convincing tone, persuasive, good at selling self and ideas

Sensitivity: Sincere, friendly, tactful, responsive, not aloof, listens as well as speaks

Openness: Discusses shortcomings as well as strengths, isn’t preoccupied with saying the right thing, consistent responsiveness regardless of content

Tough-Mindedness: Takes charge when there’s disagreement, discusses persons and events critically, doesn’t allow emotions to cloud perceptions

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